What’s included

 Your paid reservation includes:
*Professional instruction for the safe and most effective use of bowfishing equipment, instruction on the most effective way to successfully shoot flying Asian carp (Kamikaze Carp), backwater quick rolling gar and more.
* Optional use of our Bows – We use lightweight compound and recurve bows, right and left handed – (You MUST inform us when you make your reservation that you wish to use our equipment and also if you use left handed equipment.  Otherwise we will assume that you are bringing your own.)
* Specialty bowfishing arrows and points by Innerloc et al. built specifically for aerial bowfishing for Kamikaze Carp.
* Reels – Quick, safe and reliable Spincast reels + Line
* Non-alcoholic beverages / snacks  provided
* Digital pictures of the action if requested 
* Optional Video editing service, details available upon request, extra charges apply.