What to bring


***Please note: You MUST have a valid IL fishing license and present it to your Captain upon arrival. If you do not have a valid IL fishing license, you must either sit out, or obtain one before shooting. If you need to obtain one after arrival, the adventure clock is still clicking and reservation will still end at the scheduled time. Be prepared!

Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are definitely HIGHLY recommended.

Low poundage compound or recurve bow with bowfishing reel and arrows.
We always recommend extra arrows, you’re bound to lose a few. Compound bows need not be over 40 lb draw. Above that you’re just going to tire yourself out and lose more arrows.

If you want to take fish home, you must bring your own large cooler with ice. Asian carp are great table fare if you have the patience to clean them. There are plenty of resources to help you learn the best way to fillet these awesome fish you’ll find on this website and through other resources on the web. Bring the biggest cooler you can find!

Lots of energy and a sense of adventure! It’s going to get crazy out there, be prepared!