In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are strictly regulating the way we operate. Please be assured that your Captain and crew are fully vaccinated. This however does not mean that transmission is not still possible. Therefore, we will be happy to wear masks when in close proximity of our guests if / when the need arises.

If / when possible, always try to maintain at least 3′ distancing from your Captain and crew during our adventure. Handshakes, fist bumps and hugs will be politely declined. Please understand.

We at Kamikaze Bowfishing are doing our due diligence to get through these tough times to the best of our ability. Keeping everyone healthy and virus free is the best way to get back to normal in our opinion. Please understand that there are other people that can / will be affected by our actions if we do become contagious with this virus. Selflessly taking the smallest measures like getting vaccinated, requiring temperature testing, etc. may just save the life or maintain the well being of someone else. We are more than willing to do our parts. We hope you accept this.

Guests are not required to wear masks during our trip. Just like indoor dining, once you are on board and the trip is underway, you are free to remove your mask if you choose. Since your party includes only those people that are in your household, etc. and you travelled to us together, there is no need to distance yourselves from one another during our trip.

We will NOT be allowing mixed / partial guest trips at this time. This means that only your party and our crew will be on the trip. No one else.

We WILL require a temperature screening before setting off. This is mandatory. If anyone is running a temperature, because of the fact that all party members have been together and exposed to one another, the trip will need to be re-scheduled. We also will not take a partial party on the trip. Your trip must be booked with the number of people and names of the party members who will be participating.
Ex. If you book a 4 person trip with Bob, Tom, Harry and Sally, and show up with 3 people, or show up with Bob, Tom, Scott and Tim, etc. we will assume someone had to cancel at the last minute due to illness and your trip will need to be rescheduled.
If you let us know in advance that there will be a substitution of party member(s) that is not a problem. If you let us know in advance that there will be LESS party members than initially booked, that is also not a problem.
However, if you book a trip for 4 people and show up with 5 or 6 or 7 people, only the 4 people named in the booking will be allowed on the boat.