Reservation Terms - the legal stuff...
When you make a reservation with Kamikaze Bowfishing, we'll teach you different techniques for successfully shooting flying asian carp, aka Kamikaze Carp.  Learn to shoot with a recurve "off the shelf", with specialized bowfishing compound bows, how to operate an AMS Retriever Reel and more.  This professional instruction is what you are paying for.

You'll learn these techniques and much more when you make your reservation.

After your instructional period of 1/2 Day or Full Day your paid reservation will be concluded.  *You may elect to stop short your paid instructional period AT ANY TIME.  After your instruction is complete or after you choose to end the paid session, the operators of Kamikaze Bowfishing will ALWAYS go out on the water and do some real Kamikaze Bowfishing for flying asian carp.  If you'd like to take part in this experience we would love for you to join us as our non-paying guests on our personal Kamikaze aerial bowfishing trip.

Typically we will spend at least 3 hours on the water for a "1/2 day" and 6 hours on the water for a "full day".  Kamikaze Aerial Bowfishing is exciting and intense, which also makes it somewhat exhausting.  After six hours of this kind of action, most people are ready to call it a day.

All persons that will be fishing will need to obtain an Illinois fishing license.  All persons that will be on the boat at any time will be required to sign a liability waiver.  Kamikaze Bowfishing and its operators will not be held responsible for any accidents whatsoever.  This is a sport that can be dangerous.  If you cannot swim or are not physically able to dodge or withstand the impact of one of these flying fish, please do not risk injury by coming along with us.  Due to the nature of this sport, we suggest that life jackets be worn at all times but (if you are an adult) this decision is ultimately up to you.  Children will ALWAYS be required to wear a life jacket.

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