Bowfishing Tips & Techniques
When you make a reservation with Kamikaze Bowfishing, we'll teach you different techniques for successfully shooting flying asian carp, aka Kamikaze Carp.  Learn to shoot with a recurve "off the shelf", with specialized bowfishing compound bows, how to operate an AMS Retriever Reel and more.

Snap shooting with recurves and 0% let-off compounds is a great way to harvest flying asian carp and our preferred method.  You will typically wait for the fish to start jumping around the boat, then make your quick draw snap shots instinctively.  It takes some practice but is better than holding at full draw for long lengths of time. 

Full draw with high percentage let-off compounds is another way that some prefer.  As soon as you see the fish start to become active around the boat, you'll come to full draw and wait for your shot.  Many people like this technique as it is more like your typical target shooting or hunting situation.  You may use a sight pin although you still have to be quick and use some instinct.

You'll learn these techniques and much more when you make your reservation with Kamikaze Bowfishing.

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