Asian Carp Information

New updated information on the preparation of sliver carp.  Mr. Chapman's how-to videos below show you exactly what you need to know to enjoy this wonderful tasting fish.  Part 1


Part 2



Part 3



Original cleaning information:

Techniques for cleaning and deboning Asian (silver) carp.  Printable pdf reformatted and generated by Kamikaze Bowfishing from information provided by Duane Chapman in his Carp Lemonade article.  Credit also goes out to the MDC (Missouri Department of Conservation) for images provided.  This document was reformatted and is provided with permission from Mr. Chapman and the MDC.  Click to open pdf  silvercleaning.pdf

Video of cleaning an Asian (Silver) carp can be viewed below.   Research Fisheries Biologist Duane Chapman shows how to fillet an Asian (Silver) carp in the following video.  Many thanks go out to Mr. Chapman for this demonstration.

Information from the Ilinois DNR regarding the consumption of fish from Illinois waters.  Click to download pdf  IL-DNR-Fish-And-Your-Health.pdf

Information from the Illinois DNR regarding levels of methyl mercury and consumption of fish from Illinois waters.  Click to download pdf.  IL-Mercury-Advisory.pdf


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