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The 2012 Innerloc Illinois State Championship / Director's Shoot is in the books!  We had a great turnout and a great time.  Winning numbers boat was Team Shureshot with 2308 fish!  Great job everyone!

Kamikaze Bowfishing and/or Redneck Hysteria will be featured this summer on the MTV show Wake Brothers.  Unfortunately due to mechanical issues the Kamikaze Bowfishing team wasn't able to take the crew out but luckily Brian Keller from Redneck Hysteria was there to back us up.  Thanks Brian, you saved the day!

The Kamikaze Bowfishing rig now features a 7' protective net to keep you shooting instead of worrying about taking a fish to the back of the head!  Safety is a priority and this makes for a much more enjoyable experience!

The Sadler family gets the Best Group of the Year award!
Previously... we took WGN Radio contest winners and host Mike McConnell out for some Kamikaze Bowfishing action!  Check out the video below for a peek at what Kamikaze Bowfishing is like.

New information!  Thanks to the Bowfishing Association of Illinois and the IL DNR, we now have OFFICIAL IL State Bowfishing Records! 

Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports and it's showing.  You can now enter your state record fish just like your rod and reel fish for entry into the official state record books.

Records will be submitted to the Bowfishing Association of IL who has generously offered to be responsible for processing, and then passed along to the IL DNR.

Applications and information can be found at the following locations:
and in the IL Fishing Digest that can be found free of charge anywhere licenses are sold or downloaded from the following location:

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Welcome to Kamikaze Bowfishing, Aerial and Backwater Bowfishing Equipment & Instructional Guide Service. Kamikaze Bowfishing is a high pace, intense action, bowfishing operation that specializes in aerial bowfishing for the infamous "Flying Asian Carp" or as we call them, Kamikaze Carp.  Kamikaze Bowfishing is a premier top shelf bowfishing operation that strives to give you the experience of a lifetime.

We welcome you to come with us and experience  the Bone Shaking, Heart Pounding, Teeth Wrenching,… oh my god I think I going to die…. revelation of Bowfishing for Flying Asian Carp!

We are located in Northern Illinois and typically start our aerial bowfishing trips from the beautiful Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL.  Our trip then proceeds south through Peru, Henry and Peoria, IL.

Kamikaze Bowfishing Instructional Guide Service operates weekends May through September, weather permitting.  If you would like to schedule a trip during the week, please contact us well in advance for special accommodations.

So you can either watch YouTube videos of Aerial Bowfishing OR you can come along with Kamikaze Bowfishing and be apart of it all...

It will be an experience you will never forget, guaranteed.

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